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Who: Greed & Open
What: He's a man homunculus with a mission!
When: September 26
Where: At the edge of the platform/6ACB0B

[Greed has been getting pretty board in his patrols on the platform. He's also noticed a distinct like of alcohol around here. He currently stands at the edge of the platform, looking between the hills and the forest. He's not quite sure which way he should go to find what he's searching for, but he knows he can't take another day of just wandering the platform. The guns and various survival equipment will give a clue to anyone passing by that he is going to be heading out for a trip. He's not quiet about it either. When he senses anyone passing by, he turns around and addresses them.]

Ya know anything about the vegetation here?
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Who: Miles O'Brien and anyone who has a busted pipe, clogged toilet, or other piece of broken equipment he needs to fix. Which on any given day is likely everybody.
What: You need something fixed? Just call Mr. Fixit himself.
Where: On board the Platform.
When: Before the Platform sets down over 6ACB0B.

Miles poured himself a cup of coffee. He looked over the list of the day's tasks and wished for a moment that he could make it a proper Irish coffee; if he'd thought he was getting away from the Maintenance Nightmare when he transferred off of DS9, he would have been sorely mistaken. There was always something needing fixing, and with the staffing levels as low as they were, he always seemed to be the man to fix them.

Lucky him.

With a long sigh, he headed down the corridor, headed for the first job on his list. It was going to be a long day.
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Who: Everyone. GET IN HERE.
What: Meeting and greeting, exploring the first sector. Tag around.
Where: Sector 6ACB0B
When: Day 1 on the job
Warnings: None

Clearly the mining company was eager to get started seeing as the new employees had been swept off to the first sector before they had been properly introduced to one another. When the shuttle doors opened Sector 6ACB0B greeted the group with the scent of grass and wild herbs. Welcome everyone to Atreus.


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